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Handcrafted, Family-Centered.

We seek to bring attention to the beauty of the earth through partnering with local manufacturers to create products that last. From the moment the clay hits the potter's wheel, to when our product arrives at your home, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize a sense of warmth and comfort in any space.


Growing up, we were always comforted by what made us feel at home. For many, home is the smell of fresh baked cookies on a winter day. For others, home is the feeling of family gathered around the dinner table sharing a home cooked meal. With these thoughts in mind, we started Homestead in order to help create that sense of home and connection through our quality clay products.

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What we are trying to do here at Homestead could not be possible without the help and support of countless individuals. We want to highlight the beautiful work of the local manufacturers and show our appreciation for the beautiful relationships we are fostering with them through design and collaboration. We want to thank all supporters of the Homestead brand. We strive to bring quality products that have a positive impact and we are so grateful for all the love we have received!


Our clay vessels are all hand sculpted, this results in every product being personal and unique. Every item is a result of the artisans' creative process.


We work with small manufacturers in a personal way on design and seek to bring attention to their beautiful artistic abilities through a mutually beneficial relationship. 


Our products are designed to be reused! After their initial purpose, the clay vessels can take on a new purpose to adapt to your needs and lifestyle. 

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